Bigg Tae Presents Concrete Dreams

Various - Bigg Tae Presents Concrete Dreams

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Album Title: Bigg Tae Presents Concrete Dreams

Artist / Group: Various

Audio Format: MP3

Bitrate: Variable

Category: File, Compilation

Record Label: Gurp City Digital

Released: 2010


1 Gypsea Rose Intro 01:59
2 Mike Marshall, Z-Man, Fdog, Pw Esquire I'm A Hustler 04:19
3 Akil, Eddie K, Fdog Real Life 03:28
4 Equipto, Tabb Doe, D-Life, Dro P Pay Back (Frisco Style) 03:57
5 Equipto, Mike Marshall Rep The Bay 02:53
6 Z-Man Campaign Or Complain 03:30
7 Bored Stiff, Cait La Dee The Right Way 04:40
8 B Pos, Spank Pops Progression 04:18
9 Z-Man, Fdog, Eddie K, Akil Drink With Me 04:18
10 Big Shawn, Equipto, Mike Marshall, Skitz Better Life 03:37
11 B Pos Stay Alive 04:23
12 Equipto, Shag Nasty, Fdog, Tabb Doe Dream Team 04:15
13 Eddie K, Z-Man, Hugh E MC, Gypsea Rose Life Is What You Make It 03:52
14 Fdog, Equipto, Tabb Doe, Gypsea Rose Make It Matter 03:30
15 Lockdown, D Life, Agent Strik 9, Tabb Doe Calibration 03:39
16 Cait La Dee Concrete Dreams 02:48
17 Eddie K, 1 O.A.K., Akil, Spank Pops Tonight 03:45
18 Equipto, Lockdown, Spank Pops, Gypsea Rose Can't Nobody Do It Like Us 03:50
19 Eddie K, Fdog, Lockdown Get That Dough 04:13
20 Sick YG, Mike Marshall, Agent Strik 9, PW Esquire Bouncin' Through The Bay 05:23
21 Eddie K, Conceit, Pharoah, Agent Strik 9 We Run The City (Bonus Track) 04:43
22 Eddie K Super Sick (Bonus Track) 03:31
23 Akil, Tabb Doe, Akon, Spank Pops U Don't Know Me (Bonus Track) 04:09
24 Eddie K, Fdog, Hugh E MC, B-Line We Do This (Bonus Track) 05:33
25 Lockdown, Pw Esquire, Mint Rock, Fdog, Agent Strik 9 Slow (Bonus Track) 04:11
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