"I jus wanna commend u 4 havin LITERALY the best website up 4 music !! strait up !! an thats comin from Vallejo Bay Area California !!! I mess wit A-1 YOLA.COM !! keep doin it !"

Trev Conte, member since December 2010

"I'm from Helsinki, Finland (Northern Europe if you don't know) and there's no way I would've managed to get all this early & mid 90's gangsta DOPENESS without you guys. I've been into Bay area gangsta for 20 years now but most of these albums you've posted never made it here when I was a kid. No internet that time...so big up to you and keep it coming!"

Mikko Puttonen, member since December 2010

"The fucking greatest website EVER !!!!! i find shit on here that i have been looking for for YEARS , i love this website. I downloaded one album that was worth the whole cost of the membership ......THANKS FOR THIS BAD ASS WEBSITE ...."

Richard Poor, member since February 2012

"I have been searching long for a website like a1yola.com who have all bay area releases (classics and underground classics) on only one website. Most of the Albums I did not even know and a lot of bay area albums are expensive as hell on ebay and discogs to collect and not even on itunes beacauce they are really rare and unknown, so a1yola.com ist the best way to have the possibility to listen to this music."

Alex Bronchtein, member since March 2012

"When I first came across the site I could not believe how much underground Bay music y'all had. Now with me being straight out the Flatz, I was surprised to see all the Fairfield music y'all had collected from over the years. Not only Fairfield, but the whole dam yay as well! You guys have all the out of print, next to impossible to find, Bay Area slaps. If anyone is trying to find that real old school Bay Area music, y'all better slide thru this place and get your game up on the real Bay Area music. Frisco, Oak-Town, Richmond, Vallejo, San Jo, Hayward, Fairfield, Berkeley, Daly City, Sacramento and all in between man forreal check em out.."

Sean Endrusick, member since August 2013

"This is the hardest shit on the planet earth. I'm letting all my homies know... My whole old school crew is gonna be signing up soon."

Darren Iba, member since March 2011

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