Minority Militia ~ The Peoples Army

Minority Militia - The Peoples Army

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Album Title: The Peoples Army

Artist / Group: Minority Militia

Audio Format: MP3

Bitrate: Variable

Category: CD, Compilations

Executive Producers: Jo, Chris & Never

Record Label: Dogday Records

Released: 2001

Representin': Merced


101Mickey D, Lil' Wyno -Down Wit Me3:32
Producer - Never
102Hurrikaine J -Deeper Than Atlantis3:51
Producer - Way Deep
103Baby Fluff, Kaos The Assassin, 30-30 -The Hostile Takeover4:54
Producer - Kaos The Assassin, Never
104Lil' Wyno, Kracc -Mighty Dolla4:14
Producer - Never
105Mr. Felon, Relentless -The Contender4:39
Producer - Rock-D
106Personal Vendetta, Young Droop, Inferno, P-Dise -What They Talk4:55
Producer - Way Deep
107Lil' Wyno, A.L.G., NC The Necro, Hurrikaine J, Kracc -Lay That Azz 2 Rest4:33
Producer - Dub
108Never, Lil' Wyno -14 Years Ago3:53
Producer - Never
109Young Droop, Stone Cold, Lazzy, Skooby, Playa D, A.L.G. -Warning4:57
Producer - A.L.G., Never, Young Droop
110THC, Tiny Locs, Young Matt -Time To Ride4:09
Producer - Rock-D
111Young Myth, Lil' Wyno, NC The Necro -No Purpose In Life4:10
Producer - Never
112No Love -No Mercy3:48
Producer - No Love
113Hurrikaine J, NC The Necro, Young Droop, Tiny Locs, Lil' Wyno -Heat Monstaz4:15
Producer - Hurrikaine J, Lil' Man, Never
114Gato Mas Loco, Tiny Locs, Tokztero -Big Thangs Soldados3:43
Producer - Tokztero
115Skarface -Can't Stop, Won't Stop4:56
Producer - Gezus
116Spook Dawg, Lil' Wyno, Thugette -Takin' Over 2 Nite3:52
Producer - Lil' Wyno, Never
117Mad D, Never -Pay Attention4:08
Producer - Mad D, Never
201Disekt, Javarsonis -Island Siders3:02
Producer - Javarsonis
202Tiny Locs, Lil' Wyno, Lil' Man -Ride 4 U2:54
Producer - Lil' Man, Never
203NC The Necro, Young G, Young Myth, Low, Nasty Nate, Lil' Wyno -Stackin' Em3:51
Producer - Twista J V, Young G
204A.D. Tha Stalka -Fake Niggaz4:44
Producer - Way Deep
205Baby C-Loc, K.Y., Wicked Will -Fodapaper4:15
Producer - Baby C-Loc, Lil' Wyno, Never
206Project Affiliated, DJ MT, Jabber, Mr. Chico 1, Brotha Zo, Gezus, Skarface, 12-19 -Holla Holla6:37
Producer - Brotha Zo
207The 9 Number -Behold3:25
Producer - The Number 9
208A.L.G. -Boyz In My Hood3:04
Producer - A.L.G.
209Speedy Locs, Tito B, G-Dawg, Brownie, Lil' Wyno -West Coast War4:10
Producer - Bugsy
210Oso, Sir Dyno -U Want Some More3:26
Producer - Sir Dyno
211NC The Necro, MC Breeze -Evilly Influenced4:20
Producer - Never
212DJ MT, Rhyme Smuggler D, Hard Rard, Skarface -Murder 'N Mayhem4:16
Producer - DJ MT
213Twamp Nina -Ain't Fuckin Wit' You3:37
Producer - Rock-D
214Woodie, A.L.G., Lil' Wyno -County Wayz3:31
Producer - Rudy Mesta
215Nytemare, A.L.G. -Enemies Talkin'3:14
Producer - A.L.G.
216Lil' Wyno, V.I.P., Lil' Lazy, Caz, Poet, Low Cell -Traces Of Murda3:16
Producer - Never
217Gezus, 12-19, Skarface -Reflectionz Of A Man3:58
Producer - Gezus
218Hurrikaine J, Young Chill, Cutty Face, Rockafella, Doug, NC The Necro, Skooby, No Love, Roskal, Young Droop, Stone Cold, Lil' Wyno -Block 2 Block4:30
Producer - Young Chill
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