187 Fac

187 Fac


187 Fac, was a rap group from Hayward, California, with two members: Den Fenn (Alvin Dennis Thomas, Jr.) and G-Nut (Gregory Savoy Brown, Jr).

After they made their first guest appearance on Ant Banks' 1995 album, Do Or Die. Before releasing their first studio album, Fac Not Fiction on Penalty Recordings in 1997, they appeared together on several albums, including: S.C.C. Presents Murder Squad Nationwide, America Is Dying Slowly, The Rompalation and Have Heart Have Money.

187 Fac's second album, Fac Not Fiction, was released in 1997. It was executive produced by Spice 1 and featured guest performances by Ant BanksB-Legit, V-Dal, Big Lurch, Captain Save 'Em and Spice 1. The group then went on to appear on several Bay Area artists' albums and compilations as a group and as solo artists.

In 2000, the group changed their name to DenGee and released their final album, DenGee Livin'. It was produced entirely by E-A-Ski & CMT. Along with a single, a music video was released to promote the album, "VIP Status", and features a cameo appearance by producer E-A-Ski.


187 Fac - Fac Not Fiction

187 Fac - Fac Not Fiction

Penalty Recordings1997
DenGee - DenGee Livin'

DenGee - DenGee Livin'

Ronlan Ent.2000

Guest Appearances

Ant Banks - Do Or Die
  • Sound Of The Lead

Ant Banks - Do Or Die

Cool-E - Welcome 2 Hell
  • Welcome 2 Hell

Cool-E - Welcome 2 Hell

Tact Out Records1995
Murder Squad - S.C.C. Presents Murder Squad Nationwide
  • Gun Smoke

Murder Squad - S.C.C. Presents Murder Squad Nationwide

DJ West, G.W.K. Records1995
Da Funk $hun - The Album
  • Life On The Razor

Da Funk $hun - The Album

Black Jam Records1996
E-Dubb - Funky Head Rush
  • Funky Head Rush

E-Dubb - Funky Head Rush

Rotty Records1996
Potna Deuce - Heron Soup
  • Get High

Potna Deuce - Heron Soup

High Powered Entertainment1996
The Mossie - Have Heart Have Money
  • Sick Wid It Shit

The Mossie - Have Heart Have Money

Sick Wid' It Records, Jive1997
Neighborhood Kingpinz - Kingpin Status
  • Murder Stance

Neighborhood Kingpinz - Kingpin Status

Bay Rider Entertainment1997
Black Rhino - Paper Route
  • Maintain

Black Rhino - Paper Route

Rider's Block Records1998
Guce - If It Ain't Real, It Ain't Official
  • Fully Automatic Club

Guce - If It Ain't Real, It Ain't Official

Git Paid Entertainment1998


Mac Dre Presents The Rompilation
  • Dyrty Money

Various - Mac Dre Presents The Rompalation

Romp Records1996
Various - Mobbin' Thru The Bay Volume 1
  • Spread Yo' Hustle

Various - 4080 Compilation Album Vol. 1: Mobbin' Thru The Bay

Swerve Records1996
America Is Dying Slowly
  • Check Ya Self (as 187-Fac)

Various - America Is Dying Slowly

Money-B - Folk Music (Volume 1) (Music By My Folks, Fo' My Folks)
  • Murder Stance

Money-B - Folk Music (Volume 1) (Music By My Folks, Fo' My Folks)

Bobby Beats Records1996
Cloud Nine Production's Fattest Jams Volume 1
  • East Bay Gangstas

Various - Cloud Nine Production's Fattest Jams Volume I

Cavvy R. Records1997
Notorious Pimps, Playa's & Hustlas
  • Intro

Various - Notorious Pimps, Playa's & Hustlas

Loc-N-Load Records1997
Bay Luv Compilation Album, Vol. II
  • Fac Life

Various - 4080 Compilation Album Vol. 1: Bay Luv

Rusu Records1998
Da Unda Dogg Presentz Best Of Da Millenium
  • Dirty Money

Various - Da' Unda' Dogg Presentz Best Of Da Millennium

R.N.L.G. Records1998
Best Of The Bay Ever
  • Fac Life

Various - Best Of The Bay Ever

Ruso Records2002
Swervin Entertainment Presents Legendary Compilation Kingz
  • Spread Yo' Hustle

Various - Compilation Kingz

Swervin Entertainment2002
Mac Dre - The Best Of Mac Dre Vol. 4
  • Dirty Money

Mac Dre - The Best Of Mac Dre Vol. 4

Thizz Entertainment2008