U.D.I. ~ Under Da Influence

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Album Title: Under Da Influence

Artist / Group: U.D.I.

Audio Format: MP3

Bitrate: Variable

Category: CD, Albums

Produced By: Big Quint, Chill Black, Dig, Mr. LaidRaceReg, T.C.

Record Label: Dogday Records

Released: 1995

Representin': San Francisco


Featuring - O.G. Kevi Kev
Featuring - 11/5
3All I Think About3:36
4It's Goin' Down3:52
5Money Madd3:33
6Under Da Influence3:21
7Don't Take The Funk3:09
8Gangsta Gangsta3:01
Featuring - Mac Freeze
9Dogday Afternoon3:47
Featuring - Big Vic, Baldhead RickPrimo
10Da City Was Made For Me4:46
Featuring - 11/5, Mac Freeze
11On That Level3:12
12Six Digit Figures3:52
Featuring - Fly Mar, Sav On The Ave, Taydatay, Cold World Hustlers
13Brotha Luv5:00
14Tennis Skirts3:35
15Taking Da Roach Home4:56
Featuring - Taydatay
16Laid Made (Reminisce)3:40
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January 1, 1995|

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